The costumes of Kerala are associated with the simple way of life that people follow today. Both men and women in Kerala wear traditional clothes, ornaments, and hairstyles associated with their religion. Onam, for example, is a festival or function when these traditional costumes are worn. Weddings and festivals in Kerala are also celebrated with traditional clothing.

What is the Traditional Dress of Kerala?

Mundu is worn by men and women and is the traditional dress of Kerala.’ It covers the legs from waist to ankle and is a costume worn by both men and women. The costumes are usually worn together at weddings and at festivals. Dhotis or long skirts are similar to Mundus.

Different parts of the upper body of the people of Kerala are dressed according to their gender, age, and religion. Mundus was worn at the waist, Discount Longines Watches tied with a knot, and reached the feet.

‘Mundu neriyathu’ is the term used for a blouse worn by Hindu women with a mundu.’ By contrast, Christian women wear a dress called a 'chatta' with ...

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